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  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: Chemistry
  • Max Class Size: 6

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  • Monday 06:00 PM - 08:00 PM


  • 185 Jelebu Road
    Singapore 670185

  • school teacher
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More Information About This Class

Specialist in A level Chemistry and Teaching Award holder. First Class Honours in Chemistry and Dean's List awardee for multiple years.

Offering customised premium group tuition with affordable rates.

Uncover hidden techniques to SCORE marks and secret shortcuts to solve questions EFFECTIVELY and EASILY .

Proven track record of TOP value-added grades . Guaranteed improvement in grades for your child!

More days and timings are available. Please contact me at 8188 3063 for your FREE diagnostic consultation today (not available if booked through the site). Special discount off first month will be applied as well.

Tutor's Experience

Mr Liu was awarded the Teaching Award with MOE. He graduated from NUS with a first class honours in science and was awarded the Dean’s List from 2008 – 2010. As the curriculum leader in his current Junior College, he is in charge of the review and creation of materials for the revised H2 Chemistry syllabus as well as the training and instruction of other teachers in his team. This contributed to the college securing top value-added results for GCE ‘A’ Level results in consecutive years. As the Principal Tutor for JC, he has conceptualized the creation of the entire JC curriculum based on the ideal flow of ideas for the revised curriculum framework of core ideas and extension topics comprising of various learning experiences.

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About the tutor



  • 185 Jelebu Road

Testimonials for Liu

by 3 years ago

Mr Lau is a super resourceful chem tutor, he provided alot of resources that allow me to apply& reinforce my learning for chem. He is able to provide alot of shortcuts/tips for me to remember the chem concepts well! He never fails to answer my questions regarding chem no matter how dumb/weird the questions are. Thanks to him, I manage to do well consistently throughout my J1 year, even though he's no longer my subj tutor in J2, I am still able to remember & apply the chem concepts taught during J1. Managed to get B in the end thanks to him. Deff the best chem cher ever

Long Yang
by 3 years ago

Chemistry isn't an easy subject to be honest but what made me enjoy chemistry so much because of the student-tutor rapport we built over the year. I love his lessons a lot because I was always able to learn something new and his methods of teaching are very effective for me. I am definitely glad to say I am in his class and also in good hands. Of course, his passion to teach and our passion to learn played a huge role in building up a good learning environment. Trust him and believe in yourself!!!

On behalf of Shamaine Dania (Class of 2014)
by 3 years ago

I really struggled a lot doing Chemistry back in JC. The content seemed really tough and no matter how much I tried I couldn't really seem to grasp certain concepts well. However Mr Lau was a brilliant tutor who never gave up on me. He is super encouraging and enthusiastic, and cares not only about his students' grades but also their welfare and mental well-being. I ended up eventually really liking the subject thanks to him. His methods of teaching really helped students understand better. Thank you Mr Lau for helping me with everything!!! :)

by Guest 3 years ago

Mr Lau was my Chemistry tutor when i was preparing for my Alevels. Initially, chemistry wasnt a subject i look forward to during lessons as its always so confusing and there's too many things to remember. However, under Mr Lau's guidance, ive soon learnt how to tackle chemistry. He helped me to understand each concept thoroughly instead of purely memorising them. This enabled me to better understand and manage tougher topics later on. Mr Lau also supplemented us with his own notes during lessons that helped me so much when answering questions as each question/pointers he go throughs or say in class was essential in helping us answer questions and maximising marks from each question that we do. Even though his lessons may be fast, he never compromise each student's understanding. Mr Lau is definitely one of the most inspiring teachers ive met throughout my JC life. He is someone who is willing to go the extra mile to help you as long as we put in the hardwork. Under his guidance, my grades improved tremendously. Hence, i will strongly recommend Mr Lau as a chemistry tutor if yall are looking to join a good chemistry tuition!