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Parents – Grades are your children’s future. Their everything. At the same time, a recession is coming. Save your money. You don’t need a lot of money to buy your children’s future. Stick with Elixir Group that has proven track records of turning 560 Cs, Ds and Fs into As for 7 years now. We specialize in helping your kid improve from an F9 into an A1 in Primary and Secondary Mathematics.

Meet Shavin, our full-time Math Specialist head tutor. She focuses on tutoring Pri & Sec Math.

She is an ex-Banker, top salesperson and teacher, and holds a Double Degree from NUS in Finance & Economics.
She has taught many students before to ensure they get their A1 in all math exams (reviews attached above):
We provide:

-GUARANTEED IMPROVEMENT within 6 months or 100% of your money back.
- Small classes sizes (max 10 pax).
-Online or offline classes are both available.
-Systematic topical teaching of Mathematics content to strengthen your child’s Math foundation and to give them a progress boost.
-Physical Elixir Study Guide™ notes (worth $39.90 per topic) will be delivered to students' houses 1 day before class FREE OF CHARGE.
-FREE Top School Math Exam Papers + Answer Keys will be given as part of constant practice.
ALL 2-hr math lessons (4 Lessons per mth)
Additionally, during class, we detail our premier in-house methodology in breaking down Mathematics through 1) Topical Deep Dives and Practice – Mathematics has a constant, fundamentally invariable set of rules from which we guide all our students to get excellent grades. 2) Concept Drilling 3) Problem and Difficulty Variation 4) In house question spotting and curation of new materials adhering to syllabus.

Please contact 91593824 now to help your child secure their future with an excellent Mathematics grade!

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