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We make every parent’s desire our desire.
We want every child to learn happily.

Epoch Talent Academy was established in 2003 and registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore. We are one of Singapore’s forerunners of Chinese language education and programmes on Brain Development.

With decades of research and practical teaching experience, we have developed a unique, scientific and innovative teaching system. Our qualified teachers are university or college graduates who possess professionalism, passion, care and responsibility. Our Chinese enhancement courses and "Right Brain Chinese” programmes are based on the latest MOE syllabus and are customised according to students’ learning characteristics. Our teaching approach focuses on comprehensiveness, diversity and effectiveness. Our class room teaching is lively and vibrant, enabling every student to enjoy learning and achieve significant progress at the same time.

Our “Right Brain Chinese” programme is a breakthrough from the traditional way of teaching Chinese Language. We are able to help to develop your child’s intuitive capability, teaching him how to utilise his right brain power, to vividly capture the photographic imaging of the Chinese characters. Our lessons are also unique and interesting as we draw on lively songs, music, stories, reading materials and flash cards. By subtly combining Chinese language learning and Right Brain development, our students will be able to learn the language in a fun and lucid way. They will also emerge eloquent and confident in the Chinese language in the long run.

Epoch was the sole distributor for express Chinese literacy material ‘Zhong Hua Zi Jing’, which was reported in the Chinese Press, Lian He Zao Bao. We also held several Chinese Teaching Seminars together with the Besta Singapore and Wanbao.

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