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  • Level: Junior College
  • Subject: English
  • Max Class Size: 1

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  • Friday 03:00 PM - 05:00 PM


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More Information About This Class

• Accurate Prediction of the topics tested for 7 years in a row.
• 连续7年命中考题
• 100% improvement rate
• 100%提高率
• Students will be given timed practices every two weeks.
• 每两周给学生当堂测试
• All assignments will be marked and returned to the student in 7 days.
• 七天内批改并返还学生的测试卷/作业/自己额外写的作文
• One to one consultation for corrections of mistakes. Tutor will provide specific solutions based on student’s weaknesses.
• 一对一讲解错题,针对学生的弱点进行强化训练
• We approach questions with the XL05 which is a unique, exclusive, and advanced concept and strategy created by our tutor.
• 原创独家XL05解题思路
• Free materials such as notes, readings on current affairs and student files will be provided. Each student will be given 7 readings per week.
• 免费讲义,供学生紧跟时事的阅读资料(每周七份),学生文件夹
• Models will be given for A Level essays, summary questions & AQ.
• 往年A水准真题的模范答案
• Free grammar assistance will be provided for weaker students.
• 为基础薄弱的学生提供免费语法帮助
• We also provide tuition for other subjects if there is a demand.
• 其他科目按学生需求开班
• Flexible payment plan.
• 灵活收费制度
• We can help to be referees for students if they want to apply for university.
• 老师可酌情为学生书写大学推荐信
• We have received a lot of positive feedback from our past students. Testimonials are displayed in the main centre.
• 往届学生反馈良好
• We prepare our students not only for examinations, but also equip them with critical thinking skills to aid them in society.
• 在竞争激烈的大环境下,我们不仅培养可以理性答题的学生,还确保每一位学生都能具备批判性思维,以确保他们能在社会上取得立足之地
• We teach strategies to tackle both paper 1 and 2.
• 我们的A水准补习全方面涵盖考卷一和考卷二
• Not only are our rates cheaper, we also do not charge any registration fee.
• 在远低于其他补习中心昂贵的补习费中,我们不收学生补习注册费用
• Our results are also above national average.
• 我们的成绩高于新加坡平均分
• We provide free PW help for J1 students.
• 我们为高一学生提供免费project work帮助
• We have multiple lesson slots for students to choose from.
• 我们有多个上课时间可供学生挑选
• We follow closely to MOE’s syllabus.
• 我们的课程紧跟教育部教学大纲
• We have helped many foreign students with weaker foundations to secure a place in local secondary schools, polytechnics, and junior colleges.
• 帮助大量英语基础薄弱的外国学生考上政府理工学院和初级学院
• Each lesson lasts for 2 hours.
• 每节课的时长为2小时
• Mr Thompson was one of the six teachers who has received an A grade for MOE teaching practice in 1994. He has also taught many students in various schools.
• 汤姆森老师在1994教学练习中被MOE颁发A级教师证书,在所有老师中仅有6人获得A。他有充足的教学经验,曾在多个学校任教。
• Each class has a maximum capacity of 10 students to ensure that each student receives adequate attention from our tutor.
• 每个班级的学生数量被控制在10人以内,由此确保每位学生都能得到足够的帮助

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In excellence tuition academy, we prepare our students not only for examinations, but also equip them with critical thinking skills to aid them in society.
With a 100% improvement rate and accurate prediction of the topics tested forWith our unique effective XL05 strategy, we produce students whose results are above the national average.
We also provide free PW consultation to students. 7 years in a row, we have received a lot of positive feedback from our past students.

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