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This year is the first year anyone will be sitting for a Computing "O" Level Exam. Preparation for the exams might not be as simple as pulling up a 10-year series like other subjects. Let our experienced tutors support your preparation by ensuring that you truly understand what you are doing and be able to apply all that you have learnt in a variety of question types and simulations. Our tutors have experience in both the A level Computing syllabus as well as 20 years of IT experience. Moreover, we have been in the business of holistic youth education and development for over 20 years which means that we are not only competent in the subject of computing but we also know HOW to best equip you for the necessary skills you need to nail that exam. Let us take one less burden off your shoulders and to become an expert in Computing. Sign up now to get 10% of 10 sessions! https://tinyurl.com/hatctuition2018

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