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At Ignite Tuition, we understand that every child is different and seek to educate every individual so that they may perform to the best of their abilities.

In-line with holistic development and independent learning, our classes creates the opportunity for students to learn through self-discovery via hands-on activities and interactive communications with the tutor and their peers.

Our curriculum complements and follows the MOE syllabus closely. Every lesson is distinctly crafted in a manner that will best allow students to understand and absorb the material taught.

Bi-monthly ungraded individual learning assessments are in place for Kindergarten 1 to Junior College 2 levels to allow students and parents to understand the misconceptions the students have before their actual school examinations to allow ample time to work on the area of concerns.

As an ongoing initiative to assist each student in obtaining the best grade possible for national examinations, mock examination are conducted twice a year for Primary 4 – Junior College 2 levels to allow students to be mentally and physically for the actual examinations.

Communication is key. We believe working with parents hand in hand to guide our students to achieve their desire results, thus, we encourage a two-way communication between parents and us.

To further enhance the learning experience our students receive, we have in place a complimentary coaching team which allows students to come in on any other day besides tuition day itself to clarify doubts they face in school (do give us a call before coming to check if slots are full for that day. :)).

Our class size is kept to an optimal ratio of 1 tutor to 9 students (maximum for kindergarten to secondary levels) and 1 tutor to 12 students for (junior college) to ensure quality teaching and learning of each student.

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Reviews for Ignite Tuition Centre

by Guest 3 years ago

Shi Qi used to hate Science as she found it difficult to comprehend, but after attending Ignite Science classes, her attitude changed drastically. She always smiles when she returns home from the classes and even talks to us about Science concepts!!!

by Guest 3 years ago

I always disliked Mathematics as I am rather weak in it. However, after joining Ignite's Mathematics classes through a friend's recommendation, my results improved tremendously from a passing mark to a range between 80-90 marks in my recent exam! :)

Current PSLE student
by Guest 3 years ago

I will like to thank Ignite Tuition Centre for their continuous effort in helping my Science. I have just received my Prelim 2 results and I am glad that I scored full marks for booklet A! I am happy that I have gained more confidence in answering Science questions compare to the past. :)

Parent of Primary 2 Student
by Guest 3 years ago

Today, I just received my son's Mathematics results and I am so happy that he scored 100 marks! He even told me that he was one of the 5 students who scored full marks! Before going to Ignite, my son has been very careless in Mathematics and has low confidence for Mathematics. Now , he is telling me that he likes Maths! :) I have just signed up for their new classes for 2017 starting in November and I heard that seats are running out VERY FAST!

Parent of Primary 3 Science Student
by Guest 3 years ago

Before signing up with Ignite, my son Science & Maths results are just borderline passes. However, after 5 months with Ignite, my son got 75/80 (For Science ~ first in class(: ) & 70/80 (For Maths) in the recent SA2. I am very happy with the fast improvement that my son have just after 5 months of lesson with Ignite. Now, just signed up for 2017 classes to help maintain his results! :)

P6 Student
by Guest 3 years ago

I will like to thank Miss Lim from Ignite Tuition Centre who taught me Science and I finally got my A* in my recent SA1 examinations! Miss Lim's lessons are always easy to understand and engaging as well, she taught me more than what is found in the Science textbook which help me to tackle the challenging question and score wonderfully! I love Miss Lim's lessons! :)