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Looking for help in conceptual learning and practice to reinforce your knowledge?

Learn how to save time through valuable insights and strategies in studying with our experienced tutors.

Tutors information:

- Recent RI/Top Graduates with stellar results in their A levels

- Committed and experienced tutors who have been teaching private tuition for at least 2 years

- Tutees have shown remarkable improvement in a short span of time

How will lessons be conducted?

- Learn in a group of 3/4 with students on the same level for extra personalised coaching and peer motivation

- Conceptual and focused learning - recognise key words to save time studying and in the examinations

- Discover a fun way of learning with our teachers who will mentor you

- Do effective practices with exclusive materials to further enhance your learning

**Guaranteed immediate results if you need last minute preparation or a crash course for your year end exams!**

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