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Joyful Hearts Learning Centre provides English Tuition for P1 to P6 students and English Literacy Programme for K1 / K2 kids.
1) English Literacy Programme (K1, K2)
covers phonemic awareness, phonics, syllabication, spelling rules, reading fluency, comprehension and writing.
2) English Tuition for P1-P6 covers composition, comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, visual text comprehension, synthesis and transformation, comprehension cloze and oral.
专为幼儿 K1 /K2 和小学年级学生提供英文补习,
有意者,请拨打: 8780 8238
我们就在油池民众俱乐部 (Yew Tee CC), #04-07
* Experienced & Passionate Teachers * Small Class Size * Useful Strategies & Answering Techniques *

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Parents' Feedback

"Very effective Literacy Programme. Klara always looks forward to the class. Klara has shown great improvement in her ability to read fluently and she is more confident now."
- Mrs Tan, parent of Klara (K2)

"It improves YX's reading capability in a short period of time. She could pronounce the words clearly after attending the Literacy Programme. Improves reading skills, fluency and better vocabulary. Her interest of reading has improved as well. She enjoyed reading and learning through these interesting storybooks designed for the lessons. We believe this is one of the keys why Yuxin liked about the class. Thank you for making the class so interesting."
- Mr Chew, parent of YX (K2)

"This programme gives Rachel great help in her writing and reading. At this period, she did more practice at teacher's command. I hope she can keep this good habit and love English subject. Then she can get great success!"
- Mrs Xia, parent of Rachel (P2)

"SY has improvement on writing skill and study habits. Overall, there is improvement in the result."
- Mrs Chen, parent of SY (P2)

"My focus was on composition writing for XW. However, she has also improved on her language paper and composition. She enjoys the lesson. She is more interested in the language. The weekly work has also improved her knowledge and learning."
- Mrs Heng, parent of XW (P4)

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