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The 2018 Academic Year is starting - is your child prepared to tackle the challenges of the Chemistry syllabus head-on?

Katong Chemistry uses its tutors' 12+ years of experience in Government and Independent schools to curate lessons and materials designed to engage and provoke thinking. This translates into consistent and sustained results.

We are armed with the latest practical pedagogies and EdTech, and are able to cut to the essence of what is required of the syllabus - Lower Sec Chemistry, O Level Pure Chemistry, O Level Combined Science (Chemistry) and Integrated Programme Chemistry.

Armed with a specialised Degree in Chemistry, our Principal Tutor has been nominated for the Outstanding Youth in Education and Outstanding Science Teacher Awards.

Unlike other tutors, Katong Chemistry does not merely ask you to buy assessment books and Ten-Year Series for your child to practice; we have in-house materials crafted from top-quality sources.

We keep our sessions small and intensive - a maximum of 4 per class, and your child's mind, heart and hands will be engaged for 1.5 hours each time.

Contact us to discuss a FREE Customized and Personalized Diagnosis of your child's 2017 Exam Papers, as well as a 2-page Study Audit, including recommendations.

Do visit https://katongchemistry.com to find out more.

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Reviews for Katong Chemistry

Former student
by Guest 2 years ago

He is a great Chem teacher cos he gave me vivid examples of how the questions can be solved. It allowed me to understand the logic behind the questions. The notes he asked me to write down were also very useful for my exams as they were very simple and clear, which helped me to remember the points easily.

Ex student
by Guest 2 years ago

He was a very dedicated Chemistry teacher, engaging in how he constantly explored creative ways of simplifying complex Chemistry concepts, and inspiring in how he set aside a lot of time outside of the lesson for consultations for weak students (like myself). I owe my drastic improvement of 10+ marks for my EOY to his outstanding commitment to every individual student.

Former tutee
by Guest 2 years ago

What I appreciated at that time was that he treated us as just students without explicitly imposing expectations of us based on our school or class.

I think that gave me more hope and confidence in the subject because I had the impression that this teacher is responsible for our subject mastery (like won't anyhow do flipped classroom or throw independent learning at us).

The handouts he gave were very clear and concise (and very much wanted by a lot of ppl), so much so that I based my notes on those handouts and subsequently learnt how to create my own notes from that template.

I think he also showed that he was very willing to help me in Chem when I asked for consults. I remember the first quiz we had (I failed 3/10 lol acids and bases) so I asked him about the acid dissociation thing and he explained very clearly plus asked if I was ok!! I think that also provided me with more confidence because I knew I had a reliable teacher. Plus the numerous consults in Sec 4 when I was slow at understanding concepts also helped me a lot in getting my basics right.