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Knowledge Kindler Learning Centre is an an Education Centre consisting of former Head of Education and educators from various reputable primary and secondary school. With our vast experience in the education sector and passion for teaching, we opened up a Math, English, Chinese and Science tuition centre in Singapore. we seek to nurture learners to ace their examinations and encourage them to enjoy the learning process.

Knowledge Kindler develops a variety of pedagogy to match learners' aptitude and interests, and nurture their skills in literacy, numeracy, reasoning, and arts. We seek to accommodate learners of all ages as we seek to design suited programs in our English, Science and Maths tuition centre in Singapore.

We pride ourselves on being one the best in creative enrichment learning and the best Math, Science and English tuition centre in Singapore. To meet the educational needs of our clients, we established an additional Chinese tuition centre in Singapore in 2016.

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