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We provide small-group tuition covering a wide range of subjects, including chemistry, mathematics, physics and Chinese. We also offer life-long benefiting enrichment programmes to prepare our students for their dreams and pursuits.

At Learncubator, we aim to inculcate active life-long learning habit in all our students to cope with the rapidly-evolving world. Therefore, we do not just deliver lessons to cover the syllabus. Instead, we coach our students to learn, to apply, and to internalize key concepts and problem-solving skills via responsive assessment feedback and discussion in smaller group setting. To keep good track of our students' performances, thorough evaluation is conducted after each semester to allow necessary teaching and learning adjustments.

At Learncubator, all of our tutors are top graduates in the cohort with First Class Honours degree from top universities both locally or internationally. Having been tutoring for at least 7 years, our tutors have dealt with students from all backgrounds and developed spontaneity in optimizing learning outcomes according to how students learn. Our tutors strongly believe in the potential of each and every student, guiding our students with patience and passion.

At Learncubator, we design our courses and programmes based on our students' academic schedules and holiday plans. Running concurrently with school lessons, our semester lessons are meant to supplement school teachings in small group coaching that facilitates effective two-way engagement between teaching and learning. In addition, we have flexible holiday programmes that allow our students to consolidate their learning without missing their travel plans.

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