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Society has long been mesmerised by a mere number to sort, categorises and typecast our childrens’ future. Over the years, the T-Score system has sealed a dangerous assumption about education - that a child’s score alone is a huge indication of success.
We believe in a broader definition of success, where both grades and progress are equally as important.
As experienced MOE-trained math teachers, we came to the conclusion that what we need in education is a much better understanding of students and learning from a psychological perspective. We believe that excellence depends on much more than one’s ability to learn quickly and easily.
The LearnersEd environment is removes the stereotypical disempowering nature of the typical classroom. We strive to help each student quell their fear of making mistakes and discover the beauty of mathmatics.
We specialise in fostering mathematical literacy to improve learning outcomes. Students learn to embrace their struggles. In doing so, they would begin to develop patience, perserverance and creative problem solving skills both in math and life.

Our 2018 timetable is ready for enrolment. We are offering a free trial class (for new students only). Please contact us at 62800372 or 93622041 for more details.

Website: www.learners-ed.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/learnersed/

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