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Have you ever engaged a tuition teacher for your child
where some of them are actually from a well known
and reputable tuition center, only to find that your
child’s grades do not improve?

The problem is that many of these tutors do not have
the right skill to teach. Here at LeanringSmart, we
challenge the traditional system of tuition agencies by
carefully screening and selecting every tuition teacher
who applies to teach here.

Each of them are given specially selected exam
questions to test their knowledge on the subject,
ensuring that only qualified ones make the cut. I will
then personally interview them where I test their
delivery skills. I am looking for someone who can
explain difficult concepts in a systematic, and easy to
understand way.
We don’t take this step for granted. I’ve interviewed
many tutors, where some of them look qualified based
on their certs and resumes, only to reject more than
half of these tutors in our strict selection criteria.
Imagine if you have to engage these tutors yourself,
you will discover this through your child’s results and it
may be too late. We do this selection so that you, as a
parent, do not have to.

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