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We understand that each and every child is an individual that have different learning styles and inert learning capabilities. By incorporating various tried and tested teaching methods, we can give our students an unfair advantage in their learning journey.

Multiple Intelligences

LEJOUR incorporate Multiple Intelligences Theory & Learning Styles Theory into our pedagogy . However, unlike most institutions, we do not simply teach a concept according to an individual student’s strength or preferred learning style. Instead, LEJOUR often engages more than one ‘intelligence’ in the teaching of a single concept. This not only deepens their understanding of complex concepts but also help them view problems from multiple perspectives. This makes recalling the learnt concepts much easier without them having to go through the monotony of “drilling”. By engaging multiple intelligences, the student also improves his capabilities to learn in various styles as they connect the dots between multiple learning methods.

Focused Versus Diffuse Mode of Thinking

Researchers have found that our brains have 2 fundamentally different modes of thinking – focused and diffuse. In the focused mode, we are efficient and quick in our thought process. We use ideas or understanding of concepts which we are familiar with to learn or solve application type questions.

However, what if the problem requires new ideas or concepts that the student have not thought of or been exposed to before? How do one think of solutions that were never presented to them before? In a diffuse mode of thinking, students are taught to look at things broadly, from a very different big picture perspective. In a way, we are saying, think out of the box and look at this problem creatively. This mode of thinking is useful in helping students pick up new concepts as well as when attempting thinking questions.

As far as neuroscientists know, one can be in either mode of thinking but not both at the same time. Being in one mode seems to limit your access to the other mode of thinking.

Therefore at LEJOUR, our materials and lessons are structured to help our students switch between the two modes of thinking when faced with different challenges so as to optimise their learning and problem solving capabilities. Diffuse thinking, which have been largely neglected by most centres, can play a large role in your child’s academic success. National examinations now require more and more thought process rather than simply regurgitation. As a result. many students face an uphill tasks when attempting higher order questions.

Distributed Practice

LEJOUR have a structured revision program in place to ensure whatever the child learns stays in their long-term memory. This prevents the unnecessary stressful situation where the child has to cramp tons of content before the exams.


Memorising content often gets a bad name as people shift emphasis towards understanding. LEJOUR doesn’t encourage our students to blindly memorise questions and answers. However, memorising is occasionally inevitable and are in fact often helpful in understanding the content as the child makes the connection between the content and specific problems. LEJOUR makes it a less painful process by using mnemonic. With that, students are taught to understand the underlying concepts as well as the thought process to make connection with other ideas or concepts which otherwise would be difficult for them to comprehend. This method is therefore very different from those who simply attempt to memorise all the questions and their model answers.

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Secondary (Express, Normal Academic, Normal Technical)


Mathematics (Elementary / Additional)

Principles of Accounts (PoA)

Physics (Combined/Pure)

Junior College (JC)

Mathematics (H1 & H2)

Physics (H1 & H2)

There will be a $20 discount for the second subject, $30 discount for the third subject.

There will be a one time $50 rebate for students who join together!

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