About Tuition Centre

LengoLearning is a specialist in Upper Secondary English, Elementary Mathematics and Combined Physics / Chemistry. We strive to transform lives of every background by inspiring deep meaning in learning and guiding students towards a lifetime of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Our teaching philosophy is simple: to give as much as we can for every student. To do so, we understand that every successful educator must win the struggle on 2 fronts:
1. On the side of the educator, high quality educational content must be provided, and
2. On the side of the student, he or she must be successfully engaged by the educator.

To ensure that only educational content of the highest quality is furnished to our students, our head tutor personally designs every single one of our notes, worksheets and tests under our curriculum. Only the finest materials and content will be imparted to our students. Our teaching methods and lesson plans are also constantly reviewed and improved upon.

To further ensure that our curriculum and teaching is truly comprehensive, our regular lessons are supplemented with bonus online lessons uploaded weekly. Students have exclusive 24/7 access to our bonus online education database, thereby enhancing learning by reinforcing difficult concepts and extending the total contact time that students have with our head tutor. As students can conveniently access our teaching materials anytime and anywhere, they can quickly catch up whenever behind.

During our regular lessons, we focus on motivating our students and forming a personal connection with them, as it is such engagement that actually constitutes the solid bedrock of learning. We place significant emphasis on helping students regain self-confidence as it is usually a psychological inferiority that blinds students from seeing the paths of success so clearly displayed before them. Thereafter, we help them find deeper meaning in learning and properly channel focus toward success.

Our main focus is always to simplify. With a simple strategy, students will be confident of executing. At the same time, we will personally take charge in helping our students to organize and put together a tailored strategy that they themselves will find personal fulfillment in achieving.

We offer 4 packages that students can sign up for:
1. 12 lesson package – price of $480
2. 24 lesson package – price of $960
3. 36 lesson package + 2 hr bonus private consultation – price of $1440
4. 48 lesson package + 4 hr bonus private consultation – price of $1920 (most popular)

Every lesson is for 2 hrs and costs $40. Therefore, our rate is economically priced at just $20 per hr. This is inclusive of materials. Students have complete flexibility of deciding when to redeem the lessons. The lessons can be redeemed throughout the academic year. Upon signing up for our packages, students will obtain exclusive 24/7 access to our online education database where new online lessons will be uploaded every week free of charge. If you are unable to decide, sign up for our trial lesson as a start.

We conduct specialized lessons every week for Upper Secondary English, Elementary Mathematics and Combined Physics / Chemistry. Students can attend lessons for any of the above subjects. We therefore offer a one-stop solution that is more economical, as hiring different tutors for different subjects can be very expensive. Furthermore, we have 2 available timeslots per subject every week, making our lessons convenient to attend. Our centre is conveniently located just 1 minute away from Tampines MRT. Our class size is kept small at a maximum of 8.

Our head tutor is a Law Graduate from NUS and a member of the Law Society of Singapore. He was formerly from Hwa Chong Institution, scoring 7 distinctions in the A-level examinations and obtaining the MOE Pre-University Scholarship.

Our testimonials from former students, motivational content and track record of results are displayed at http://lengolearning.com/. We have coached hundreds of students and our passion is in seeing hopes and ambitions transform into reality as students ace the O-levels and move on to achieving bigger aspirations in life. Do follow us on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/lengolearning/. You can contact us at 8826 2562 to request for further information, ask about our lesson schedule, or to sign up for a trial lesson.

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Reviews for Lengolearning

Nischal Thapa, Former Student
by 2 years ago

"Mr Leng is a very motivational person. He knows how to motivate students and can teach very well. You should definitely check out his Instagram page for motivational content. If you want a teacher or someone who can mentor you, Mr Leng is the person to look for. He is a very nice person and you can see him as your friend."

Suprina Gurung, Former Student
by 2 years ago

"Mr Leng makes lessons fun by sharing his life experiences and I will always remember all the inspirational quotes and phrases to keep us going. I also find his online lessons to be very helpful as I can review them whenever I want. He also explains every single one of my questions clearly and in a very detailed manner. I am glad to have him in my O-Level journey."

Yoghavarman, Former Student
by Guest 2 years ago

“Mr Leng is very committed in ensuring that his students understand a concept and will adopt different methods to teach his students. He also helps his students beyond tuition time whenever they have pending questions or doubts. I will definitely recommend Mr Leng as a tutor to others as his teaching has truly been beneficial in aiding me to obtain better results.”

Adithya Ganesh Rao, Former Student
by 2 years ago

“Mr Leng is a very dedicated tutor who is always there for me whenever I have questions. His tuition timings are also very convenient. He makes sure to go through every single one of my weak points in all of my subjects and introduces a wide variety of answering formats and strategy to tackle my questions. He has been a very integral part of my O-level journey.”

Mohit Gurung, Former Student
by 2 years ago

“Mr Leng is a very helpful teacher who motivates me to study well. If I do not understand some questions, he will explain them in different ways until I can finally understand them. He will also teach us using online methods which I find very useful. He also has an Instagram account on which he posts all of his motivational quotes for his students.”

Praveg, Former Student
by 2 years ago

“Mr Leng is a very helpful tutor who never fails to explain concepts patiently to me. Whenever I am unable to understand a particular concept, he will take the pain to use another approach and re-explain the concept again which I find to be extremely useful.”

Nigel Tan, Former Student
by Guest 2 years ago

“Mr Leng is a good teacher who helps clarify all the doubts that I have. Because of that, I scored full marks for a paper that is going to be graded in my report book. He is very efficient in covering topics within a short period of time while making sure that I understand the topics fully.”