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Why Mastery @ Cheeks?
Is your child having these issues?
1) Hard work of your child is not reflected in grades
2) Your child is not motivated to put in effort in studies
3) Your child is unable to achieve maximum potential due to careless mistakes & bad time management in tests

@Cheeks, we provide solutions to assist students in their journey to mastery:

1) We apply our principle of ‘teaching and learning’ to help students master skills taught
2) We simulate exam practices to help build the muscle memory of child
3) We customize our learning strategies to correct your child’s thought processes

Our service guarantee:

To parents
• Clear communication channel between teachers and parents
• We identify problems, provide solutions, and work on them with you and your child
• Regular feedback on child performance
To students
• Clear instructional strategy
• Conducive environment to stretch your ability
• Timely feedback on performance

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