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We develop and run programmes in Mathematics, the Sciences and English for students from Primary School all the way to Junior College.

With the school’s fixed teaching pace, it is normal for students to miss out or not fully understand certain concepts. Hence, we created our very own online Student Portal, where students can revisit those explanations in the form of videos. Learning is no longer confined to the four walls of the classroom, students can find help anytime through our videos and supplementary worksheets on our portal.

Here at Math Academia, we believe that inquisitive thinking is key to learning. Hence, we frequently conduct hands-on experiments, which solidifies important scientific concepts that are crucial for higher-order application questions. This constructs a strong foundation for more difficult topics to build on it. Through experiential learning, it encourages our students to open up and learn through experiences, which helps them to see relevance in learning by explaining the practical usage of the knowledge they have learnt in class.

We believe that our students’ well being is as important as academic success. Our approachable tutors strive to provide both academic and emotional support, making it easy for our students to reach out to our tutors in and out of the classroom, fostering a positive tutor-student relationship. Call/Whatsapp us at 8878 0302 for more enquiries now!

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