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From NIE trained ex school teacher to NUS math first class honours graduate, Math Academy is run by a family of 3 sibings. All classes are taught by the 3 of us and we are committed to improve your or your child’s grades. All 3 of us specialize only in Mathematics, and had previously graduated from NUS, major in Mathematics. (Not engineering or other sciences!)

Our speciality lies in A Maths tuition and JC H2 math tuition. We are an exclusive maths tuition centre that specialises only in Mathematics, from secondary to JC. We are extremely familiar with the concepts and techniques required to do well in O and A levels, and we prepare our JC H2 math tuition and A Maths tuition classes towards achieving a top grade.

We have always maintained a small class size of 6 (for sec) and 8 (for JC) as we want to uphold the same philosophy, that is, to help as many students as we can. With a small class size, we ensure that we provide sufficient attention to each and every student.

We have seen many batches of students go through National O and A level examinations and understand what is best for them to do well.

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