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MathChamps offers a range of tuition enrichment programmes - Primary school Math, GEP Math, Math Olympiad, Secondary school Math, IP Math, IB Math & JC Math. Our tutor, Mr Mark Loh, is a full-time Math specialist with over 20 years of teaching experience. Over the years, he has developed his own proprietary methods which is approved by MOE and have been proven effective through his students' rapid and significant improvements in problem solving. MathChamps does not subscribe to the typical route-learning methodology, but instead tackles Mathematics in an unorthodox holistic approach. Our lessons are conducted in mixed levels, with one-on-one coaching by Mr Mark Loh, thus each student receives his personal attention and every lesson is customised to the student's needs. Mr Mark Loh also offers free extra lesson time after class and WhatsApp consultations to further support all his students, especially the weaker ones. Concepts are taught ahead of school curriculum, and recapitulation is done according to each student's needs. MathChamps also have our own style of worksheet, which allows a variety of topics to be covered in each lesson, increasing the effectiveness of each session.

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