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I am an Energy Trader and has a passion for mathematics. Therefore, I love numbers and love to spend time coaching secondary school students who could be really enjoying the subject. Students who do well in maths could indirectly have more time for revision of other subjects, so many of my previou students had exploited such advantages. My 20 years of experiences bags me with different approaches, special tricks and shortcuts to help students simplify and do their mathematics well.

Some MOE teachers are really behind in terms of their subject content deliveries due to all constraints, such as the need for interactive teachings, promoting independent learnings....etc. I could totally understand why students are lagging behind as their School Teachers expects them to know Logariturms or Trigonometry doing some online interactive classes during the school holidays.

My closy little place offers air-conditioned and bright teaching environment for students to learn and bring back something. You should really consider someone who has passion on numbers.

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Ex Student from PeiHua Secondary School
by Guest 2 years ago

Mr Cheong has taught me from Secondary 3 to JC2 H1 Maths. He is really great compared to my school teachers....
My weakest was trigo and quadratic curves but Mr Cheong had turned them to become my strenght. No homework from him but he does expects you to pay attention and take him seriously as he is really trying to help us.

Graduating O level student from GREENDALE
by Guest 2 years ago

Mr Cheong has helped me to turned my A-Maths from F9 to A2! and A1 for my E Maths. Becaue of these good results, I could go to JC as my L1R5 is only 16 although I finally decided not to. He could really make me understand well while my school teachers had not focused on the areas which I was weak in , resulting my lost of confidence and almost giving up when I see those F9 results.

Karen from EDGEFIELD
by Guest 2 years ago

I was strugging through my maths, but his demonstration of solving the problems and the practices in class gave me some advantages of my learning over my fellow schoolmates. I really could not imagine doing well in maths until Mr Cheong had helped me. He is patient but demands full attention and no nosence during class as everyone is expecting to learn and he wants to ensure that. I always ask questions, he is really nice.

Alysious (Punggol Secondary School)
by Guest 2 years ago

I enjoyed all the lessons with Mr Cheong, he is probably the smartest maths teacher who has ever taught me. Its very common for him to reply wats app on questions which I have trouble in. He is also a good mentor in where you want to go and do in future.

by Guest 2 years ago


My son score from 50 to 76 thanks to Mr Cheong. My son say his school teacher is not as good as him. Due to his good results in maths, he can go to JC.