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Rated Top 3 Tuition Centres in Tampines.

MAXIMIND offers a holistic learning programme that caters for your child’s needs, leading to gradual progress towards their academic goals. Regardless of individual’s ability, we have the resources to provide them with a systematic approach to excel with confidence and maximizing their potential.

Latest Syllabus
Our materials are stimulating, challenging and enriching with the highest aspirations for your child’s achievement and progress. It is enhanced and supported by the latest syllabus & examination criteria.

Passionate & Dedicated
It’s important that your child is introduced to every concept & method at their level, and proceed at their pace. Our teachers are able to develop resources and effective teaching methods.

NOT a Franchise
We’re able to adapt our resources and teaching techniques so that your child’s needs are specifically addressed. Our tuition is designed and centred around your child, not the dictates of a franchisor.

We could brag about ourselves… or you could hear from them yourselves…

"Hey teacher Flora! I just got my results and I wanted to tell you I got A* for Math! Thank you for all your guidance and advice!! I could not have achieved it without you!!"
Student, Whatsapp.

"Thanks Jennie. She's very happy, asks me must write to say huge thanks to you all... I can't do without your help, not all tuition centre personnel have the passion to do like what you have done la. Thank you thank you..."
Parent, Whatsapp

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