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My Knowledge Base was founded in 2013 by a group of GP, English and Humanities teachers who believe that tuition should not be a replication of school classrooms. Tuition should be based on a personalised and nurturing environment. We believe that tutors should work with each student based on his/her goals and dreams, encouraging each individual to fulfil their potential. To this end, MKB keeps our class sizes small to ensure student participation and to facilitate a close rapport between our tutors and students.

We welcome students of all abilities as we believe that every student deserves the help they require in order to excel. Apart from a strong focus on academic skills, our goal is to engender in each student the self-confidence needed to face their challenges. Our tutors provide free consultations, working together with our students every step of the way. We also offer unlimited marking of homework that is tailor-made for every student.

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