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At My Masterclass Education, we not only aim to prepare students for exams and score well but also to influence them to learn and love the subjects. We believe that the function of education is to teach one to think intensively and critically.

All curriculum in My Masterclass Education tuition program comes with the “Critical Thinking, Critical Learning” concept, where one is encouraged to question the origins of each topic and its applications. With this skill, students can understand the subject matter from the bottom – up, rather than the conventional method of memorising and applying a top-down approach.

We have developed our own materials, notes and questions while following closely with the MOE syllabus. At the same time, our worksheets expose our students to a range of difficulty, ensuring that your child's potential is reached. Our small group approach allows our students get a customized learning experience that is concurrent with the topics in their school.

Mathematics and Science are cornerstones of Singapore Education. With a good grasp of these subjects, there are endless prospects and opportunities in future.

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