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About Tuition Centre

Paced Learning Academy is a specialist in Elementary Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics and Junior College H1/H2 and Further Mathematics. As Singapore’s leading educational math tuition center, we address the current learning gaps not addressed in School to ace your examinations.

To do so, we understand that every successful educator must achieve the following objectives:

1. High quality educational content must be provided
2. Step-by-step analysis, addressing all misconceptions and learning gaps
3. Prepare you for the challenges in school and life with confidence

To further ensure that our curriculum and teaching is truly comprehensive, our students have exclusive 24/7 access to our bonus online education database, and Maths Helpline, thereby enhancing learning by reinforcing complicated concepts and extending the total contact time with our tutors.

During our regular lessons, we focus on engaging our students and forming a personal connection with them, as it is such engagement that constitutes the solid bedrock of learning. We are committed on helping students regain self- confidence, motivating them as it is usually a psychological inferiority that blinds students from learning. Thereafter, we help them find deeper meaning in learning and properly channel focus towards excellence.

We understand that every individual is unique. Throughout your time with Paced Learning Academy, you are provided with materials tailored to needs and learning abilities, based on your proficiency in the subjects. In addition, sample examination questions are taught to increase your exposure to variations.

Our head tutor is a NUS Mechanical Engineering Graduate. He was forming from Nanyang Junior College, and has been teaching since 2012. Since then, his ex-students continued to stay connected with him and been learning from him beyond their academic needs.

Our testimonials from former students are displayed at Our tutors have been coaching students and our dedication to bring out our students’ fullest potential come into fruition when they score their O/A-levels and move on to achieving bigger aspirations in life.

Student’s Experience

Lee Geng Yu - I have worked with Alex both in the capacity of a student and as a colleague – he is incredibly patient when explaining concepts that I had not understood, in ways that are much easier to grasp and digest. He has also spurred me to develop an inquisitive mind-set when it comes to problem-solving, inspiring me to think on my own feet. Besides professional academic expertise, Alex is also a beacon of light for those involved in social causes, which he is passionately involved in as well!

Lim Wi Teow - Alex is a very patient and understanding tutor. Being his student before, he always tries to use various ways and means to help me understand the subject better. The explanations provided also led me to have deeper knowledge in subjects like physics and chemistry. Alex also made a step further, apart from being an academic tutor, to make the effort of understanding the students' character. He is seen as a reliable teacher that can help students in trouble.

Nur Qistina Ediana - honestly i have nothing bad to say about the academy.I had an amazing teacher who was super cool, friendly not to mention super caring.I enjoyed every lesson we had together and looked forward to even see him during the holiday period.He really help me boost my amath to a B3 from E8 and maintain my emath results. Occasionally, we would also talk about other interesting facts when it gets too stressed.

Tutor’s Experience

“Educating the mind without educating the heard is no education at all.” It is my personal calling to impart knowledge and interest to the subject to all my students. I am always grateful for the trust my students have in me and I dedicate all my energy to ensure they achieve their fullest potential, without losing the love for learning.

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Reviews for Paced Learning Academy

by Guest 5 months ago

Have joined Alex's class just 4 months before A-Level. His teaching allow me to understand mathematics concept much better through his clear and concise explanation. This has allowed me to improve from a sub pass (S) in mid term to a B in A Level. Really thankful to him for educating me and realise my true potential in mathematics.

Dominic ,PJC
by 5 months ago

I was always getting borderline results for my H2 Math quizes at the start of the year. I was skeptical that my results will improve because I have not been doing good in math last year in JC1. After getting recommendation from my peers, I attended math tuition at Paced Learning Academy to try and see if I could improve my results. In a month, my results significantly improved from passing to getting A for all my quizes. All thanks to my experienced tutor Alex whom was always patient. He uses a lot of different methodologies to help me understand the math concepts and teaching me the necessary problem solving techniques required for my upcoming A levels. I am grateful to have him as my tutor and would encourage my friends to be taught by him if they wish to achieve better results in the examinations.