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REAL Education Centre's main goal is to make sure our student doesn't feel like they are going to another school that they drag themselves to every morning. In other words, we are a 'school' with FUN!

Our facilities includes a student pantry, which is open to all our students during operating hours and a TV that plays TV series(Big Bang Theory, How I Met Your Mother, Etc) on scheduled time where students can come earlier to relax and have some laugh
Students are free to make use of our pantry space to study or do group projects with their friends(even if they are not a student at our centre) and have light refreshments as and when they wish for free!

Our Tutors are few of the TOP tutors out there, they will make sure your classes will be filled with FUN and JOY, but let's not forget KNOWLEDGE and EDUCATION!

With an overall statistic of 99% passes and 85% As & Bs, we assure you that you will pass your exams with flying colors and still enjoy the process!

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