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Specialising in Primary English, Mathematics and Chinese from K1 to P6. Cosy, Quiet and good environment.
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Reviews for Tangerine Learning Centre Pte Ltd

Mdm Pauline
by Guest 5 months ago

The tuition centre classroom is cosy and quiet. Tutor is patient and good. Affordable rate.
Fair rate as well.
I have sent my kids here for tuition and 2 month later they improve, now they like the lesson here at Tagore Lane. I like to recommend Tangerine Learning Centre to all. Worth sign up !

Customer to Tangerine Learning
by Guest 5 months ago

Tangerine Learning Centre shown professional, patient and provide good service to all. I have purchased files folder from them and they can deliver to us to our doorstep in good order. The files folder are well in good and very worth. I am considering signing up my kid for the English Tuition at Tangerine Learning Centre. I saw the Tutor very competent teacher and the manager was nice .