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"In living life, the secret of the How's is actually in the Why's!" --- Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim.

The importance of a deep understanding of mathematics cannot be overemphasized. Mathematics is used widely in our everyday lives, and is a requisite for many careers.

Today, we observe that many students have developed a disdain for mathematics. Even for some who appear to do well in the subject in school, there is no real passion to truly learn the subject.

If only they could have taken a different journey … with a true Alpha Explorer Guide …

It is for these reasons that the Alpha Explorer Program (AEP) was created by Dr. Jeffrey C. K. Lim (Alpha Guide-in-Chief), to allow everyone, students, parents and professionals alike, to embark on an experiential journey of discovery in mathematics, starting with our experiential Additional Mathematics BootCamps!

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Early Bird:
Early birds are entitled to a 20% discount from the Program fees. To qualify, registration forms and full payment have to be received at least one month prior to the commencement of the Program.
(Note: The maximum discount allowable in all cases is capped at 20%.)

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