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Our mission is to provide quality teaching and coaching for students in preparation for educational challenges by imparting effective learning strategies and life skills. Most importantly, we strive to make learning fun!

Our students will not only be well-prepared to face examinations and tests in schools, but will do so by picking up skills and techniques that will carry them forward in life…and enjoy learning at the same time.

To many young writers who have just started writing, it can be a chore, a boring one too, especially given that schools usually just give out writing assignments without any preamble, pre-writing activity etc. We use games, activities, role-play, videos and other primers to get kids writing. We also use storytelling games to teach story structure and flow, We use role-playing games to teach descriptive writing and literary devices. Making writing FUN is paramount in our methodology. Kids need to ENJOY writing in order to EXCEL in it.

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