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We are a team of tutors who have designed a Lesson Program especially for retake students and private candidates. More information is shown on our website: []

By Principal Tutor Darren Tan:

I was a student who had retaken the A Levels as a Private Candidate in 2016 from 2014 (See pictures for my A level certs Before and After) and I perfectly understand your quagmires and worries you may be facing. Thankfully, I have sought academic help in our current team of tutors, which I have joined today to provide you the assistance to ensure you can obtain As like me. As I have also walked through the same journey, I am also able to provide you the necessary advice on how to maximize your chances in your retake attempt.

We specialize in tutoring the following subjects, where our lesson plan are catered and personalized to suit the relevant syllabus as of 2018 and your commitments.

Offered Classes:
• 8807 H1 General Paper
• 8867 H1 Physics & 9749 H2 Physics
• 8873 H1 Chemistry & 9729 H2 Chemistry
• 8876 H1 Biology & 9744 H2 Biology
• 8865 H1 Mathematics & 9758 H2 Mathematics
• 8823 H1 Economics & 9757 H2 Economics

(1) For Private Candidates of 2017 who wish to Retake GCE A Levels in 2018

Other tuition centers probably do not have the relevant experience in guiding retake students for the A levels, and as such relevant aid is very limited for you to improve without the supervision of a teacher/institution, if you already did not perform in a school environment.

As such, we have very structured lesson plans for each subject to ensure that you enter the exams well prepared. Our team of tutors aim to prep you up within ONLY 17 lessons, just like how I have done it last time in 4 months - when I studied from August to November. We do so because:

We want to save your time, and as such money, since you may already possess background which we will only teach to fill up gaps in your knowledge.
We complete syllabus fast so you can have more time to self study and consolidate, the main reasons for not doing well.
For more information on our lesson plans to structure your success to As, do take a look at our website here: []
You may contact us for a trial Lesson in our 17-lesson program :)

(2) For Private Candidates from 2017 taking Chemistry/Physics SPA Paper 4 in 2018

We also specialize in tutoring the following subjects to suit your needs in the SPA Practical Paper 4, with our lesson plans as shown here: []

Offered Classes:
• 9749 H2 Physics (Paper 4)
• 9729 H2 Chemistry (Paper 4)
• 9744 H2 Biology (Paper 4)

Resources and exam aid will also be provided to ensure that you are competitive against the JC cohort, because unlike in school:
1. You no longer have enough practice in the laboratory.
2. You are not able to spot the exam topic.
3. You have to manage SPA with a greater time-constraint
4. Our team of tutors will provide personalized attention to ensure you can also do well in SPA.
5. There are almost no other tuition platforms for SPA which are inexpensive.

However as we understand that the journey of a retake student is expensive, we aim to keep prices as low:
One-Time SPA Resource Fees: $40
One-Time Course Fees: $400 (10 hours)

Our team of science tutors aim to finish the SPA lessons in 2 lessons, with the breakdown:
Lesson 1 (5 hours)
1. Revision of lab techniques and SPA content
2. Answer presentation techniques
Lesson 2 (5 hours)
1. Going through TYS for SPA PAPERS (Yes we have it!)
2. Actual SPA time/stress management and cheats
3. Additional Resources
There are NO trial lessons for SPA.

Do contact us at 85335038 or email [[email protected]] personally for more information!

The “Retake” and private candidate route is not going to be easy and definitely more challenging than in JC as there is no supervision and materials, but never give up. Believe in your second chance, create the own future you desire, take the first step in joining us. Trust the process. All the best!

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