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The Learning Board motivates students through a change in their mindset and guides them to the A* level via effective strategies.

Students enjoy our classes as they are engaging, enjoyable and especial. With an excellent track record of 90% of our past students scoring A's after joining us, we have nurtured students who have gone on to enroll in prestigious institutions. Our materials have been fine-tuned over the years to allow students to easily understand and consume them.

With 7 years of experience, our educators have designed a comprehensive curriculum on the trends of PSLE and 'O' Levels and are consistently updating it to meet the stringent directive of the MOE.

Our team of dedicated and passionate educators help students feel motivated and confident to tackle even the most challenging passages. The journey is both exciting and transformational as students grow from a low confidence individual to a motivated and self-directed learner who is willing to take charge of their own learning.

Give us 6 months and we will help you get your A.

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