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When you sign up with Learning Cube, be assured that your child will be receiving the best possible quality of teaching. We care about our students and we want to see them succeed beyond the realms of the classroom. Our team of professional educators is trained to tailor individualised sessions that cater to the needs of each learner.

The centre caters to students from the primary to JC level (A level/IB).

Types of Programmes offered:
-Step-Up Programmes
-Clinical Sessions (small class size of 3 with sessions customised to the learning needs of each student)
-Enrichment Programmes (e.g. Art lessons, Creative Writing classes, Mathematics Olympiad Training)
-Preparatory Programmes (e.g. Primary 1 Preparatory Programmes, Conversational English)

For more information on the programmes available and ongoing promotions please check out our website in the link below:

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