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Here at The Learning Modulus, we have helped scores of students attain dream results and placed them in academic places they never believed possible. TLM is proud to share our track record of 100% passes at O levels, 90% B3 and above, and 70% distinctions. Our expert tutors help our students through simple yet efficient techniques but more importantly, love and patience.

However, with the recent changes to the education landscape in Singapore, TLM isn't content with just getting your child that hallowed place in an 'elite' school, or an A1 in his or her exams. We equally recognise the importance of building your child internally too, cultivating in them the discipline and ability to learn independently.

Years of experience has taught us how to imbue our students with what we like to call the Core TLM Elements - Knowledge, Inspiration and Drive, values that will position your child to take his place in the disruptive future of their times.

Ready to take the first step to preparing your child for the exciting future that lies ahead of them? We are too! Sign up for one of our Trial Sessions today @ 8750 5955!

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