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My name is Sabreena. I am a graduate in film producing. I collected awards for my short films. Especially, I have experience working with Netflix, Sony and Cartoon Network. Iʼve taken a masterclass with Syd Field. Iʼm a writer from the real world. Right now, Iʼm producing my own set of soul purpose oracle cards and two animation series. In the industry, if the first page of your script isnʼt intriguing, your script meets the trash. Thatʼs the only lesson, I drill into my students.

During a sabbatical from animation writing in 2016, I decided to take in a group of students to teach them everything I knew about what makes a story captivating. Soon, we became a tribe and I got more writers to teach more students and…The Write Tribe was born!

Our philosophy isnʼt about scaring children into writing. At The Write Tribe, we believe we are a tribe. We donʼt drill, bombard or scare anyone into writing, ever. We cultivate WRITITUDE – the right attitude for writing!


Our classes are small. 12 to 15 students. Our teachers can concentrate better and focus on any anxiety and fears around writing. Find out who they are. Connect to them and get them to express themselves as themselves but with much better language and vocabulary. We never talk down to children. We talk to them. Especially, We look at them as people. They have feelings, fears and anxiety. Maybe, much more than us adults. Our job is to connect in a way, that promotes love-based learning rather than fear-based learning. Weʼve seen tremendous improvement in Our tribes. We don’t believe in testimonials. We use our studentsʼ past works as testimonials. See them for yourselves at our website

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