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At Thinkplace, we believe in an all-round exposure to learning. That is why we have built our curriculum to include reasoning skills and real-world applicability, whilst retaining a strong bent towards academic performance. Our teaching is tailored to your child's ability, so we can maximise your child's academic potential. Our tutors hail from universities such as Oxford, NYU, NUS, NTU and SMU, and we always try to include real-world case studies and application in our curriculum, so our students would understand the importance of what they've learnt.

We offer the following classes, which adheres very closely to MOE's syllabus as well as Cambridge's marking schemes:
*English (Primary to JC)
*Mathematics (Primary to JC)
*Sciences (Primary to JC)
*History (Secondary to JC)

A typical class will consist of:

1. A Thinkplace tutor presenting concepts and topics of the week.
2. Class explore real-world applications off the lessons learnt.
3. Relevant worksheets are issued midway through class for students to work on, to ensure students understand concepts taught. Some of these worksheets will be tailored to fit students with different standard of learning abilities.
4. Our tutor files an Academic Learning and Performance report, detailing the strengths and weaknesses of every individual student.

You can expect to take home:

1. Thorough understanding of topics learnt.
2. Tips and tricks to answer commonly-asked questions in exams.
3. Ways to beat the PSLE/O/A-levels system.
4. Comprehensive out-of-textbook knowledge on case studies and real-world solutions based on concepts learnt.

We believe in working closely with parents to ensure our students are learning fruitfully in their classes. As such, we send out monthly performance reports that showcases the student's Competencies as well as Attitude towards learning, and provide useful suggestions on the best methods to improve the student's understanding of a topic or subject.

Looking forward to you being a part of the Thinkplace family!

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