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Excellence is not built on the knowledge mastery of 1 textbook a year. Examination is not paper-wise, but ability oriented. Thus, cultivating effective study techniques are important, such as learning and memory techniques which in totality affect the quality of studies and also the decision of one’s career.

Good students with us will be selected for leadership development and engaged as a student mentor to improve the lives of others and also realize in themselves the meaning of a beautiful life.

We don’t believe in a “one size fits all” line of educational activities, thus there are no rigid classroom lectures but a facilitated learning space for individual students in small settings under right learning environments.

Making sure every student gets the right attention, guidance, and motivation they need for informed and improved, sustainable achievements in and out of school.

Partnering with The Shichida Method™, our study course strengthens student's abilities to remove worries and accelerate learning progress towards desired schooling achievements.

With Our System:
- Students improve concentration through cognitive and non-cognitive skills.
- Students demonstrate their growing maturity and fill up the gap of life beyond a textbook.
- Students do special body-brain integration exercises every week to strengthen both types of skills.
- Students have additional input of Humanity and Philosophy into the subject matter.
- Students can master learning confidently with Shichida techniques.
- Students will master new ways to maintain body-brain fitness and creative thinking at will.
- Students develop the vision of learning right as learning is not only confined to knowledge mastery alone.
- Parental input is relevant for learning excellence so that children can study well at the university level.

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