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Uptas Learning Hub specializes in Chemistry Tuition for JC, IB, IP & O Level students. In Uptas Learning Hub, we focus on simplifying complicated concepts to easy and “digestible” level for all our students. Our goal is to provide a one stop solution for students facing challenges in chemistry and through our rapid and simplified learning methodology to immediately gain mastery of the core topic the students faced.

Uptas Learning Hub is inspired by Dr Aw Junxin’s education journey.He started his academic journey from a humble background with a below average PSLE score of 191 which barely make it to the express stream of a neighbourhood secondary school (Juying Secondary). After failing more than 5 subjects in secondary 1, he received warning by his form teacher that if he would be demoted to the normal academic stream and retained if no improvement was made. Dr. Aw realized there was no turning back and was pushed to the edge. He decided to have a change in his direction of academic journey. Within a year time, he topped in his class and become the 2nd in standard in the entire cohort. And the rest is history.

Dr. Aw turned his life from an underperforming student to incredible levels of academic excellence. Hence, the name Uptas Learning Hub is derived. Uptas: Up to A Score (U to A). It is derived from the inspiration of Dr. Aw academic journey from an unmotivated and struggling U grade student to one of the top A*STAR Scholar with a PhD degree in Chemistry. His life story has been an inspirational example to his students and he is a living proof for everyone that there is no limit of what you can achieve as long as you have the right strategy and mentor. In Uptas Learning Hub, he is going to be your tutor and mentor and show you his secret of how he achieved it and how you can replicate it to attain the dreams and desire you want.

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