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We started the centre in 1998 and have taught closed to 10000 students. All our tutors are MOE trained and most of them are still teaching in school during the weekdays. The tutors are very experienced and passionate about helping students do well. They are very responsible and diligent teachers. Almost all the tutors have been teaching in the centre since Day 1. They are rarely on medical leave or absent from class. We have a consistent staff attendance rate of 99.9%. So we never hear complaints about changing tutors or having different tutors for the same class throughout the year.

The next best thing about the centre is the super affordable fees. We understand the challenge the average Singaporean parents have with raising school going kids. As such we have made our fees very affordable for all. For the last 18 years, we have raised our fees only three times. And at the current rate, it is still one of the most affordable for all parents and students in Singapore. For the teachers that we have in the centre and the quality of work they deliver, they could have easily commanded 3 times the hourly rate elsewhere. But because they are loyal to our centre and they love teaching more than anything else, our fees will continue to be low and value for money.

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