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About this tuition group

  • Level: primary 2
  • Subject: English Language and Linguistics, English
  • Max Class Size: 10

Class days (1 Time(s) per week)

  • Monday 07:00 PM - 08:30 PM


  • 894B Woodlands Drive 50
    Singapore 731894

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More Information About This Class

Why wait till Primary 3 to introduce composition writing. Give a headstart to your child by introducing key concepts from an early stage. Why? Writing habits when cultivated early creates wonderful writers. Your child will have an edge over other children. His or Her English grades will improve. Did you know comprehension and composition goes hand in hand?

Our Primary 2 classes approach writing in a ROBUST MANNER

Theory and Practical.


-Primary 2 students will tackle Primary 3 composition topics. They will learn how to analyze pictures, learn useful vocabulary, spelling and create phrases.

-They will learn the basics of 3 act structure and learn how to create stories with a beginning, middle and end

-They will analyze and break down movie scenes. Analytical skills allow students to identify tools used in writing

-They will learn how to create effective conflict

-They will be introduced to character dynamics


Frequent Tests
How to know if your kid is improving? Our frequent tests and feedback allows us to track our students progress in capturing key concepts.

REWRITES - the key method to improve writing and punctuation

FEEDBACK - We work closely with parents to push grades up. We offer constant feedback to help improve your child's grades.



Why us?
Our instructors are writers. They are screenwriters, magazine editors or authors. Most of our instructors have a background in psychology. They get kids. They create a fun loving environment and most importantly they have a passion for writing. We handpick teachers with a writing background for this exact reason. Who knows writing better than someone who has written for the real world.

Our Founder
Ms. Sabreena is a graduate in film studies and has experience writing for Sony, Netflix and Cartoon Network. Today, she holds workshops islandwide to spark the fire of writing in her students. Many students have improved under her mentorship.

Our Classes
Maximum 10. A small sized class enables our instructors to give individualized attention

Frequent Tests
How to know if your kid is improving? Our frequent tests and feedback allows us to track our students progress in capturing key concepts.

Creative Curriculum
Our worksheets are designed with kids in mind. Writing can be daunting and the only way to get kids to write is to BREAK-IT-DOWN.

Interactive Classrooms
All our classrooms have smart projectors that allows interactive and fun learning.

Heart-Based learning
The worst thing any instructor can do is to penalize on grammatical mistakes right away. We understand punctuation and grammar is important but we approach children gently without hurting their creativity.
When a child is met with criticism, she or he loses the spark to write. That's why most children lose focus.
At The Write Tribe, we ensure to correct their mistakes in a fun and enjoyable manner.





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The Write Tribe provides stellar writing enrichment by instructors who are authors, screenwriters and magazine editors for Primary 1 - 6. Learn from the best!
You can't get a better mentor for writing than someone who has written for the real world!
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