About Tuition Centre

Mr. Willy Tan, the school supervisor, obtained his Master of Education (Curriculum & Teaching) from NIE in 2018 after nearly a decade of teaching. He specialises in curriculum planning, teaching strategies & have a wealth of experience helping students with learning disabilities such as dyslexia.

Mr. Wong, the co-founder, has an honours degree in Applied Physics from NTU. With more than a decade of experience under his belt, he specialises in physics and mathematics. Mr. Wong also researches and have extensive experience mentoring with children on the autistic spectrum.

LEJOUR believes that the crux of teaching lies in the teachers. A good teacher needs to have 3 types of knowledge;

1) Subject-Matter Knowledge
2) Contextual Knowledge
3) Pedagogical Knowledge

In order to ensure that all our teachers are equipped with the right knowledge & skills, we only employ teachers that

A) obtained at least a bachelors degree
B) show passion for education & willingness to continuously upgrade
C) have some teaching experience

Our centre also utilises our own in-house resources that have been customised according to our proprietary pedagogy "SEAL IT" learning competencies. SEAL IT learning competencies nurture your child's ability to learn complex materials which will prove to be critical in the VUCA world.

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Reviews for Lejour Education Centre

Awesome Place for tuition
by Willy Tan 4 years ago

Lejour is conveniently located near numerous schools like Junyuan & St. Hilda's. There are also lots of eateries and supermarkets so that parents can have a meal or shop for essentials while waiting for the kids to finish their classes. The tutors are friendly and patient with the kids. They have extensive resources. What I like best about the centre is that the centre is very clean.